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Dropping Off The Edge Of The Road and How To Control The Vehicle 
Motorhome accident
Of all of the hazards faced by modern drivers this event causes a certain level of panic when a soft shoulder is encountered. Extended hours of driving tend to lull drivers to pay less attention to the conditions unfolding in front of them. It will sometimes come as a shock to the driver to realize the vehicle has just dropped a front wheel onto the shoulder of the road.

Consider the events that could cause the driver to lose control. The right front wheel slips off the edge of the pavement. A soft shoulder allows the wheel to dig in to the soft material and because the wheel is angled slightly toward the shoulder the soft material builds up on the inside of the tire sidewall creating pressure to further turn the wheel toward the shoulder dragging the vehicle deeper into the soft shoulder. This happens even though the driver resists.

The forward momentum at highway speeds builds up the pressure against the inside of the wheel forcing it to turn even more sharply toward the right shoulder. The wheel still on the pavement is forced into the turn toward the shoulder and now is driving the vehicle deeper into the soft shoulder. The driver takes defensive action now because his/her efforts so far to turn out of the soft shoulder have been unsuccessful. It seems that a sudden strong jerk on the steering wheel should bring the vehicle back up on to the road. The driver applies the sudden, strong jerk and the vehicle does come back up on the road but now an over-steer situation takes over as the vehicle crosses the center line and heads for the opposite shoulder. Oncoming traffic is the first hazard to be faced. Even though the driver avoids the oncoming traffic the vehicle is headed into the opposite shoulder.

All of this hypothetical event can be avoided if the vehicle was equipped with The Safe-T-Plus Steering Control. It prevents the loss of control in most drop-off incidents and in many other road hazards including front tire blowouts that a driver faces.

The Safe-T-Plus Steering Control allows the driver to steer in both directions in a soft shoulder event or in a front tire blowout. It absorbs more than 1000 lb. of force at the tie rod and holds the wheels where the driver steers them. No jerking of the steering wheel or over steering to control the vehicle. Just normal steady steering pressure on the steering wheel is all that is needed. The front wheels turn where the driver wants them to go and the vehicle climbs up even a six inch drop off at the edge. The right front wheel does not bounce off that edge. Once back on the road the driver stays in lane with normal steering effort (no over-steering) and continues the journey.

Since 1981 the Safe T Plus® Steering Control has been protecting vehicles, drivers and pedestrians. It fits most vehicles from ½ ton up to the heaviest vehicles on the road. Installation usually takes about one hour with no drilling or welding. For individuals and organizations, it is the cheapest insurance around. Give us a call and ask us to make your vehicle(s) “a whole lot safer”


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