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 Since 1982 E TIP Inc has been helping Owner Operators.

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Each Owner Operator of a Big Truck has a unique set of preferences about the after-market equipment on his/her rig. One of the serious concerns is Safety. Yes, seat belts, fire extinguishers and windshield wipers are part of that. But many Owner Operators are unaware that a solution to a major safety problem is available and it contributes to keeping that big rig on the road, right side up and running with lower costs.


The Safe-T-Plus Steering Control is a double acting hydraulic cylinder with spring loading pressure to center that keeps the front wheels straight when traveling. The centering action reduces wander by 90% and eliminates any shimmy that may be present in a truck that is mechanically sound. It is available for I-Beam or Independent Suspension front axles.


Steering is basic to safety concerns. How do you continue to control the steering in the midst of a front tire blow-out? What about dropping off the edge of the pavement at highway speeds? What about wrestling with a truck that tends to wander a lot? And hitting that object in the road can put you in the ditch no matter how hard you work to avoid that result. Kickback through the steering wheel from these hazards is also controlled helping to protect your hands and arms from injury.


Several models are available depending on the front axle design: I-Beam axle or Independent Suspension, power steer or manual steer. The The Safe-T-Plus Steering Control applies pressure to center on the front wheels ranging from 140 lb. to 230 lb. depending on the size of the vehicle. We have many Safe-T-Plus Steering Controls operating on the road every day for years. Call on our expertise since 1982 to help your selection. Usually shipment to you is the next working day from the day you place your order.


Warranted for two years and patented since 1981 the Safe-T-Plus Steering Control bolts between the tie rod and the axle spring U-bolts or the frame of the truck in about an hour. It intercepts and absorbs front wheel shock loads even in a blowout. You can steer in both directions with a blown-out front tire. The Safe-T-Plus Steering Control also automatically centers the steering wheels while rolling every time the steering wheel is released. This feature alone reduces wandering by 90% and reduces driver fatigue. Fingertip steering keeps the rig in lane even on rutted roads. Side Wind Swerve is reduced by 90%.


Long-haul Owner Operators enjoy more benefits than reduced fatigue. Because of the elimination of shimmy and the reduction in wandering by 90% when equipped with the Safe-T-Plus Steering Control the front tires wear 30% longer and front end overhauls are reduced too. Set back front axles may carry heavier loads on the front axle as part of the design. Even with the heavier load the front tires wear longer than without the Safe-T-Plus Steering Control. The cost of the Safe-T-Plus Steering Control, brackets included, is about the cost of one big truck new tire.


And keep in mind that your “significant other” waiting at home for your return wants you to have the Safe-T-Plus Steering Control on your rig to enjoy many more happy returns.

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