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E TIP Inc. has a team to assist you with your school bus fleet purchases.

To reach the fleet sales team, please call us at: 630-966-8992

The Model 31-140 is designed for independent suspension vehicles including Class C coaches and the Class A Chevrolet P30, P32, P37 and P cutaway chassis and most other small vehicles. Tie rod travel is limited to 7.5” full left to right with 140 lb. pressure to center.

Safe T Plus™ Drivers love the reduced fatigue they enjoy. The Safe T Plus™ self-centering feature and the elimination of “road shocks” makes the trip more enjoyable.

 The Model 41-140 is designed for I Beam suspension axles and manual or light power steering. Tie rod travel is limited to 12” full left to right with 140 lb. pressure to center.

The Safe T Plus™ coil loaded centering eliminates shimmy and 90% of wandering increasing driver comfort and eliminating “white knuckle” driving. Sudden vehicle movement caused by overtaking vehicles or side wind surge is also reduced by 90% giving greater steering confidence to the driver.The Model 41-180 is designed for heavier I Beam suspension axles and power steering. Tie rod travel is limited to 12” full left to right with 180 lb. pressure to center.

Every Safe T Plus™ Absorbs and dissipates more than 1000 lb. of force at the tie rod. The Safe T Plus™ hydraulic system gives the driver control of the vehicle even in a blow-out scenario allowing steering in both directions.

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